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A new form of remotely monitored hybrid phototherapy machine capable of treating multiple babies with jaundice simultaneously
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The New technology to stand aganist cross-infection
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Team work
The team behind photokabada
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About Photokabada

Photokabada is a Hybrid Remotely monitored phototherapy machine that is able to monitor and treat multiple babies with Jaundice simultaneously. Based on statistics, in low-resource settings of African health systems its been found that most babies who are treated for jaundice end up not receiving the required therapy that is needed to treat the child fully. This is mainly attributed to the scarcity of phototherapy equipment within low resource settings and with the few available having to be shared which opens up a clear path of infection to babies. moreover, the cost of accessing one phototherapy equipment is too high as well. 


Device Design

Our latest Design is a hybrid system that comes along with a full package of preinstalled features cable of performing baby vitals monitoring while giving adequate and efficient phototherapy with minimal effect of cross-infection among babies

24/7 Support

Our team is readily available to help you with all the required services that you may need to keep your life moving in a swift and easy way you can also visit our website or our Twitter handle 

Service warranty

Our customers are always our priority thus guaranteed warranty of our product for up to 2 years will be assured as well as quick and easy service delivery by our team of experts and developers regardless of the area of service delivery