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Africa has a large burden of unmet surgical needs in children (Lawal 2019); Eastern Africa counts
on only one paediatric surgeon every 7.000.000 inhabitants (Derbew 2019), 39{cf8a2d6901bbf0671e93936c02db73053f794e831dc1af7251ec7f440b0abcbb} of them < 14
years of age (World Factbook Website), entailing a ratio of 1 paediatric surgeon every 2.700.000
children, while in Europe there is 1 paediatric surgeon every 26.000 children < 14 years of age
(Parigi 2018), a density more than a hundred times higher. Demographic and epidemiological
studies on paediatric surgical needs in Africa are awfully scanty as well: out of the 33.602 quotes in
Medline of the keyword “paediatric surgery”, just 354 (0,01 {cf8a2d6901bbf0671e93936c02db73053f794e831dc1af7251ec7f440b0abcbb}) are linked also with the keyword
“Africa” (Medline website).
There is therefore a strong need to fill this unbearable gap, also with epidemiological studies within
limited reach: this observation prompted us to carry on an analysis of the paediatric surgical
activities at the Malindi Subcounty Hospital (Msh), in Kenya. Primary endpoint of the study will
therefore be a detailed quantification of the pediatric surgical pathologies observed, together with
treatment adopted and results achieved; secondary endpoint the analysis of some ancillary aspects
in the description of pediatric surgical problems in Malindi and the formulation of a set of
recommendations for the planning of future cooperation projects in this field.